Stunning French Kitchen Designers Cape Town

Stunning French Kitchen Designers Cape Town

Stunning French Kitchen Designers Cape Town

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Stunning French Kitchen Designers Cape Town – Holly Wood Furniture was founded by Vince Muir in 1999 at a time when free-standing kitchen furniture was not easily available or as main stream as it is now.

When I designed and built my first house in 1998, I had difficulty finding companies who manufactured the style of kitchen I wanted, so I ended up designing and making it all myself and this was the start of Holly Wood Furniture.


The name Holly Wood Furniture came about as a result of a type of wood I loved using at the time called Cape Holly as well as the fact that my daughter’s name was Holly. In 2001 my wife , Ronelle joined me to assist with the business side of the Company and together we are a great Holly Wood team. Stunning French Kitchen Designers Cape Town

My first showroom was the old chicken enclosure at the Barnyard in Tokai, it wasn’t long before we out grew that space and moved to an industrial property in Retreat which was far more suitable and spacious.


Our free standing style of kitchen furniture  gradually became more and more popular as a result of people making their kitchens and living spaces open plan, I think people were also getting tired of the old melamine built in kitchens that was the norm back then and wanted kitchen furniture that was stylish as well as functional and  blended in with the décor of their homes.


Holly Wood Furniture also designs and manufactures bars, restaurants office furniture and bathroom vanities, we now have three factories in Retreat and a staff of 25.